Three Seeds by Christopher Stracey


Seed 1

Seed 1 is dawn, conscious awakening. The plant’s first breath. Each day we awaken embodied to become the master of our physical destiny. We momentarily leave behind the freedom and limitlessness of the unconscious mind. The sun rises and we arise with it to life’s energy. This energy is distributed to all living organisms. Waking each day is a coming into existence, a rebirth into the physical reality to try again.


Seed 2

Seed 2 is day, existence. For a plant, it’s the time when they have the most exposure to sunlight, which sets photosynthesis into motion, producing sugars and starches which are used for growth. For us, it’s our waking hours where we perform tasks, gather resources and experiences. For all organisms, this is the period that dictates our physical survival. This piece represents what this process might feel like without the human intellect over-complicating.


Seed 3

Seed 3 night, regeneration, darkness. The end of the day where we gradually slip back in to our resting process. For plants, the starches that were produced during the day are burned, fueling their growth. For us, it’s like the seed of our conscious mind is broken open and from it sprouts the boundless unconscious mind. Our unconscious mind blooms into the forest of dreams and our bodies regenerate for the cycle to begin again.

Three Seeds is a set of companion works to the album Music for Growing Plants by artist Christopher Stracey. They are synthesized audiovisual explorations of daily life as experienced by living organisms. While the album “Music for Growing Plants” has been created for an indirect listening experience intended to enhance an occupied environment such as a living room or garden, Three Seeds is a more immersive experience. The visuals that accompany the seeds have been designed to pull the audience out of their current mental and physical environment, and invite them to experience what life might be like for a plant at the cellular level; receiving energy from the sun and entering different biological phases throughout the day. Both Three Seeds and Music for Growing Plants have been created to encourage the audience to surrender into stillness and regenerate.

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About Christopher Stracey

Christopher Stracey is an Australian record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and composer, currently based in Los Angeles, California. As a songwriter and producer he has earned platinum and gold records in multiple countries around the world including the USA, Australia, Germany and more. His songwriting credits include Paloma Faith, Conan Gray, Ellie Goulding, Diplo, Bag Raiders, Westside Boogie, Morly and Seramic among others. This year Christopher is releasing his debut solo album ' [Music for Growing Plants]'.

Music groups:Bag Raiders(Since 2006)


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